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Nari Boutique Nepal

Green Eyes Mala

Green Eyes Mala

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Looking for an edgy, forest-esque necklace to bring beauty to your look. With careful knots and thought-out design, this drippy and dewy look adds a complex and beautiful vibe to your outfit. The painted stones are one of a kind. You surely won’t ever see someone else with a necklace like this. Green Eyes Mala has the slide-lock and hangs down, ending at around the middle of the breastplate.


Original Nepali Materials.

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Nepal is a landlocked country; shipping costs are very high; any purchase under $75 will cost you $35 for shipping and Handling. For free shipping, your purchase must exceed $75 or more.

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Cozy & Desirable.

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Acrylic Painting

The Painting that has captured the unique story to bold up.


    Nari Boutique is a social venture supporting women in Nepal. And Nepal is a landlocked country, so if there is any damage dissatisfied with the products, we will be happy to replace products, but you will be responsible for the shipping cost of $35. We hope that you find satisfaction in our goods. Please email for any pressing concerns.


    If you live in Nepal and would like to purchase this product, please email for the Nepali price, as it is adjusted for shipping and inflation.