Story of Arts

Story of Arts

Hello and Namaste,

 My name is Anju Tamang. My father passed away when I was five years old, and my family life changed forever. And later, my sibling and I were abandoned by our mother. We couldn’t survive; Nepal Government doesn’t provide any welfare services. So my sibling and I were separated, and some of my siblings went to different relatives’ homes. I was desperate and at risk of being trafficked to a different country. I didn’t have any opportunity to go to school in Nepal until I was eight years old because education isn’t free. I was lost, desperate, uneducated, and craving for family and protection.

The WPC-Nepal safe home gave me family, safety, and education. I have lived in a safe home for the last ten years. I‘m very grateful for their services. Unfortunately, I‘m 18th and older and can no longer live in the safe home and I was re-integrated into the community in 2020. Now, my sibling and I live together, I‘m the oldest in the family, and I‘m still pursuing higher education and supporting them.

The Nari Boutique Nepal is a place for girls and women to continue their higher education and sustain their livelihood after the Safe Home and Vocational Training. Art has been my way of expressing my past, pain and hope for the future. So I‘m using my skills and art of painting in Nari Boutique Nepal to inspire many more youngsters in a compatible way to utilize their skills and can get support for higher education and many more in their country. I paint my journey, story, culture, and thoughtful imagination that take inspiration and lots of hard work. I’m able to bring the real shape of my thoughtful vision and imagination through my paintings. By selling my artwork, I support my higher education and livelihood for my sibling and me. I need to sell 12 art pieces a year. Could you join me and make my dream successful?

As you know, when one Girl/Woman is educated and successful, her family and community also benefit from it. You have already seen the example of Ms. Lila Ghising and Ganga Tamang.

Please consider purchasing from Nari Boutique Nepal . and the company creating jobs to prevent human trafficking and generating more skills and arts to impact people in the world, through our stories.

I am Anju Tamang- give Nari Boutique Nepal a permission to share above story and my artwork in the international Market.

Thank you! 

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