My Paintings

My Paintings

My name is Aita Maya Tamang. I am from Ruby Valley, Dhading-Nepal. In my family there are 5 daughters and 2 sons. Among them, I am the youngest daughter in my family. In my village, there aren’t proper facilities of schooling to provide education for girls. When I was a child, my sisters and I were forced to leave our village, family, and friends due to poverty, child marriage, and human trafficking. I was protected by my sister Ganga and founder of a safe home, Lila Ghising. They brought me to the safe-home. I remembered when I left my village I was scared and I didn’t understand the language and culture in the city. I thought I was sold. It took me a while to realize I was safe. Now, I know  I ‘m lucky to be here. I met many sisters like me and found my second family. Many of my childhood friends in the village who were forced into a child-marriage already have their own children. On a daily basis they experience poverty and abuse from their partners. I believe the same thing would have happened to me,  if I weren’t given the opportunity to be in the safe home.

 I have lived in a safe home for 10 years and I have graduated from high school. And I am going to start college for  higher education. Through the WPC-Nepal safe home organization, many children like me are getting a new life and finding a new family.  They provide good education, shelter, meals, love and acceptance. 

Now I’m an adult and I have to start supporting myself for higher education. I am starting my side business with help from Nari Boutique to utilize my talents and interests.Through my artistic creation, I am able to capture the beauty and culture of Nepal. I find when I close my eyes I can see beautiful images and concepts in my mind. It’s a gift I love to share and use as a source of passion and living. I am thankful to be working with this small business and gaining valuable vocational experience. 

I take personal requests and orders for paintings, so please reach out for any inquiries. Contact me in the my personal Instagram I have provided link here.

Thank You !

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