My Journey

My Journey


I’m Aarati Bogati from Hetauda Makwanpur- Nepal. I grew up in the safe home of WPC Nepal where they helped and encouraged me in my growth. With their help, I was able to graduate high school and start Nari Boutique Nepal. I joined WPC safe home in 2012 when I was a child who had the dream of becoming an educated girl and wanted to contribute positively to society. As I was growing up, I began to see differences in my childhood compared with others. My father and mother’s income was just enough for our daily use expenses. My father took me to a school and told me that he used to have a dream of being educated and having a better way in society, but he was not able to do that in his life because of his underprivileged childhood and lack of money to invest for education. Instead, he wanted me to complete his dream and educate myself so that I could sustain myself. My life ran smoothly with my parents but after a few years my father passed away and we had no income source to  run our home. We never think  that can happen in our life and bring change without reason and it is said that whatever happens happens for the best. After all this, I got the opportunity to join WPC Nepal and I started my life to dream big in the safe home with my second family. I spent my 10 years in the safe home with my lovely and energetic friends. My childhood passed with these amazing and outstanding people with a lot of memories that I feel blessed to still remember right now. I heartily want to thank them for their help, support, and homely environment so that I’m motivated to do something forward. 

Nari Boutique Nepal is the small business site started from Nepal to uplift skills and knowledge by providing opportunities internationally. It has the dream of bringing new changes and opportunities in the life of women who are in search of opportunities. This is not only the business itself but has been working as a new door knocking to inspire and uplift them as an opportunity in Nepal. Nari Boutique Nepal creates artwork with unique stories that will inspire everyone to know more about us through our products and inventory. I’m inspired by the founder of WPC Nepal and supporter of Nari Boutique Nepal, Mrs Lila  Ghising, who told me once, nothing is impossible in our life if we have a dream to complete. So, Nari Boutique Nepal is my path of inspiration for creating new skills and empowering the women for their self existence in our society through our small effort of impact. When we have a team we can do it. This is my team and with their collaboration, I’m working to make it impactful.

Let’s work together to uplift unique skills and empower women by providing opportunities from Nepal and many more places internationally.

Thank you!!

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