Please Support Archana

Please Support Archana


My name is Archana Shrestha. I lived in Hetauda- Makwanpur, Nepal. I’m married to my husband Milan Moktan and we have 2.5 years old son name Ridit Moktan .I ‘m a former residents of WPC-Nepal in Hetauda. My mother is a survivor of human trafficking. When she was 12 years old, she was sold in India by her own aunty. I was born in brothel. And I have two other siblings. My mother is struggling with HIV/Aids. When she returned to Nepal from Indian, no one accepted we and we didn’t have any resources and we were very poor. She couldn’t meet our basic needs. We were desperate no foods or education opportunity.
We learned about WPC-Nepal from one of our neighbor and we were adopted in the Safe Home after know about our condition. I lived there for twelve years.  I was provided safe and secure loving environment, nutrition foods, education, counseling and family. I will always remember and I ‘m very grateful to their services. If WPC-Nepal wasn’t there I and my sibling would have been on the street and trafficked. WPC-Nepal protected us and gave us a new life. Today with help of WPC-Nepal my two sibling are studying at 10th grade and 5th grade in the one of the best private school in the town. They are committed to empower women and girls like me and to make us successful.
 I struggle with my health and schooling system in Nepal due to my childhood trauma.
After I turn 16th I discovered my artistic skills, I love to create designs, especially jewelry items. During my school holidays, I used to create jeweler designs, sold lots of them my most popular necklace call “Archi-Corol Necklace (here is link) . I generated pocket money.
 I learned to use my skills to create income and to sustain my livelihood. Nari-Boutique is another option provided within the WPC-Nepal as alternative way to use our skills to create income. If you struggle with traditional schooling system in Nepal. And also, for girls that are moving out of the Safe Home they can work to create income to support themselves. This is a big opportunity for girls and women like me, to explore their interests and skills, and create your own business. I also received a vocational training from WPC-Nepal. I learn sewing and received a machine. Now, I have tailoring and alterations business I work from home to create income to sustain my household. Also, I ‘m a Jewelry maker for Nari-Boutique, many of my designed are sold online. I hope you will shop with us to support our work and livelihood.

Thank you very much!

Archana Shrestha

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